SA6 Solar road stud installation method !

Solar road  stud , also known as spike mirrors, are installed on roads and highways to warn cars a popular product. Night can effectively remind drivers to pay attention to the road ahead, to avoid traffic accidents. The SA6 solar spike is popular in the Philippines. The SA6 Solar Spike is beautiful and has solar panels on both sides carefully designed sink, can avoid the phenomenon of water in rainy weather. Using glue sealing technology, with super strong sealing and corrosion resistance, whether it is rainy or heavy snow weather can be used normally. Die-cast aluminum housing can withstand 40 tons of objects. Normal trucks and cars can pass through safely.

The following is the specific installation process of SA6 solar road stud :

1、First, mark the correct position of the outlet nail.This step is to measure the distance and mark the installation point
2、Clean the road surface and keep it clean and smooth. The goal is to clean the road so that solar spikes will stick better when installed.
3、Put glue on the bottom evenly. Keep it in the right direction and press it into the road tightly.
4、Check within 2 hours of installation to ensure that all studs are not installed incorrectly and are not bent or deformed due to compression
5、After 4 hours of installation, the glue will dry completely.
6、 It can also be fixed on both sides with bolts.



Post time: Jan-28-2023